Wacker Chemical Corporation

Silicone Rubber from Wacker

Wacker Chemical Corporation is a recognized global leader in silicone chemistry.

They manufacture a broad range of products for diverse industries, including elastomers, silicone fluids and silicone emulsions. Their portfolio comprises around 1,000 silicone rubber products.

At H.M. Royal, we supply silicone rubber for a wide range of applications to meet your exact needs. As a proud partner of Wacker, we ensure timely delivery and flexible quantities for Elastosil® silicone rubber products.

ELASTOSIL® Silicone Rubber: Naturally Versatile

ELASTOSIL® silicone rubber withstands continuous high temperatures and dynamic stress. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for turbocharger hoses. All ELASTOSIL® silicone rubber grades have good mechanical properties. Specialty grades have very high tear resistance, making them suitable for bottle nipples and pacifiers.

Due to their versatility and universal range of properties, silicone rubber products are ideal for use in almost all industries, including automotive and mechanical engineering, electronics, textiles, baby products, toys, domestic appliances and sports products.

Interested in using ELASTOSIL® silicone rubber in your applications? Contact our material experts today for more information or to request a quote.