OCSiAl manufactures TUBALL™ graphine nanotubes for a wide spectrum of products and materials including flexible electrodes and sensors, cable connectors and sleeves, printing rollers and pads, conveyor belts, and car tires. These chemical additives add electrical conductivity to silicone formulations such as liquid silicone rubber (LSR), heat cured rubber (HCR), liquid silicone rubber (LSR), and room temp vulcanizing (RTV).

Nanotubes, single wall tubes made of carbon atoms, are 100 times stronger than steel. When an ultra-low percentage of nanotubes are disbursed in silicone, the parts remain flexible and free of the negative properties that occur when using conventional additives like carbon black and graphine. As little as 0.05 wt.% TUBALL can provide the desired electrical conductivity and/or antistatic properties with minimal impact on compound elasticity, tensile parameters, viscosity and rheological properties. Compared to using antistatic polymers, graphine nanotubes provide permanent conductivity and longer cycle life of the final parts.

We carry these grades:

  • TUBALL Matrix 601
  • TUBALL Matrix 602
  • TUBALL Matrix 605
  • TUBALL Matrix 613

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