Brominated Flame Retardants from Albemarle 

Albemarle Corporation provides flame retardant solutions that save lives and property. They offer a full line of fire safety solutions used in consumer electronics, construction and automotive applications.

Leveraging their bromination technology platform, Albemarle developed the Saytex® line of brominated flame retardants. Saytex flame retardants are highly versatile fire safety solutions with a wide array of uses. They reduce flammability by providing enhanced resistance to ignition. Moreover, they can aid in extinguishing fires by interfering with the reaction. Because they help prevent fires, they are mainly used in applications where overheating is a concern such as wire and cable, electronics, circuit boards, building panels, etc.

Saytex Flame Retardants for a Variety of Applications

At H.M. Royal, our mission is to provide products of only the highest quality. That’s why we supply Saytex products for all of your fire retardant needs. Working with Albemarle, H.M. Royal provides Saytex flame retardants to numerous industries for a variety of applications.

Bromine-based flame retardants offer certain advantages over other types of flame retardants. These high-performing retardants provide superior flame retardant efficiency as well as exceptional thermal and UV stability. Most brominated flame retardants can improve the performance of your products and operations and greatly reduce environmental emissions. They are the most cost-effective flame retardants because they are available for most polymer systems and they suffer less deterioration of physical properties.

H.M. Royal offers a full selection of fire safety solutions for improved resistance and maximum protection. Contact us today for product information or to discuss your fire protection needs.

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