Polyethylene Films & Wrapping Tapes

The Many Applications of Polyethylene Film & Nylon Film

Polyethylene films are commonly used in the manufacturing process of rubber products. These films are used to separate layers of compounded rubber prior to vulcanization. During the curing process, films also help the uncured rubber hold its form until it is thermoset.

Due to their non-stick properties and relative low cost, polyethylene film is specifically applied as a separator and carrier film. Nylon films are used as curing films based on their low-moisture and high-temperature properties as well as their shrinkage under heat to create high pressure cure wraps.

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Because of their unique composition, plastic film sheets can also be customized to specific colors, sizes and densities to meet any manufacturing or compounding requirements. With H.M. Royal as your trusted polyethylene film supplier, you can rely on our expertise and a dependable product supply of both standard and custom plastic film compounding materials.

At H.M. Royal, you’ll receive more than quality products. Our staff’s knowledge of available vendors and access to the best products the global economy has to offer are unmatched in the raw materials world. We’ll ensure that the products we provide not only streamline your procurement processes, but also reduce the time and paperwork you spend acquiring the compounds.

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Product Manufacturer Type Common Application
Dartek T424 TC Transcontinental Packaging Nylon Film

T424 is primarily used for cure-wrapping rubber rollers, rubber hosing, gaskets and belting

Dartek C101 TC Transcontinental Packaging Nylon Film

C101 is used as a barrier layer in industrial laminations, a carrier web for adhesives and coatings, and a release film in molding and for vacuum bagging applications.

Dartek C917 TC Transcontinental Packaging Nylon Film

C917 is used as vacuum bagging film in manufacturing and curing of laminated glass and in manufacturing and curing of aerospace composites. It’s also used as a carrier web and release film for testing rubber compounds in rhymesters.

Dartek S-706 NY TC Transcontinental Packaging Nylon Film

Manufacturing of Sheet Moulding Composites (SMC).

Dartek T404 TC Transcontinental Packaging Nylon Film

T404 is used for cure-wrapping rubber sheeting, carrier web for print transfer and an interleaf release liner for calendared rubber sheeting.

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With H.M. Royal as your adhesives supplier, you won’t have to worry about the availability, delivery or quality of the rubber bonding agents you need. We provide full-service raw material supplies with speed and efficiency, so you receive cost-effective products that meet your production standards.

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