Rubber to Substrate Bonding Adhesives for Multiple Applications

Dow develops advanced materials for the automotive industry. They are a leading global supplier of technologies and systems for the automotive and transportation market. They offer a full range of products designed to enhance quality, increase duration and improve safety.

As a trusted supplier of Dow, H.M. Royal offers a variety of automotive adhesive solutions. We provide rubber to substrate bonding adhesives for a number of applications, including anti-vibration systems (AVS) and seals. We carry both water and solvent-based adhesive solutions to meet the needs of any compound. Both solutions provide excellent adhesive properties and versatility and satisfy a range of application needs.

Dow provides three different product types to meet your unique requirements — primer, single coat and cover coat systems. H.M. Royal is proud to supply you with each one. We are able to serve a multitude of suppliers who must bond a variety of proprietary substrates during complex molding operations. Contact us to learn more or to request a quote.


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