Manufacturers We Represent

Albermarle Corporation provides flame retardant solutions that save lives and property.

Birla Carbon is the world’s leading manufacturer of carbon black additives. For more than 160 years, they have been at the forefront of the carbon black industry.

At CNG we sell, market and distribute high quality cast embossed polyfilms for rubber calendaring, separation, and pre-preg composites

Chase Corporation manufactures industrial coatings and tapes for high-reliability applications.

Chem-Trend LP is a global leader in the development of specialty release agents. They offer a variety of release agents for many different industrial applications.

We provide a broad array of high-quality minerals and material solutions for the industrial and energy markets and a comprehensive and accessible distribution network.

Kevlar® is a heat-resistant, synthetic, lightweight fiber that delivers high tensile strength that brings improved protection and performance

Elkem Silicon Materials is a world-leading manufacturer of silicon, microsilica and specialty products. Elkem’s Sidistar® is widely used as a processing aid, flame retardant and performance additive.