Chem-Trend LP

Mold Release Agents from Chem-Trend

Chem-Trend LP is a global leader in the development of specialty release agents. They offer a variety of release agents for many different industrial applications. Specialty release agents from Chem-Trend offer unique benefits for compounders such as enhanced productivity, lower scrap rates, and improved part quality. Other benefits include low-to-no VOC emissions, cleaner molds, optimization of cycle time and promotion of material flow. 

H.M. Royal is a proud supplier of mold release agents from Chem-Trend. Chem-Trend has continued to improve and innovate during their fifty-year history. At H.M. Royal, we hold ourselves to the same standards of excellence that they have achieved. Our focus is on providing the high-quality products you need to enhance release performance, increase cycle times and ensure minimal buildup on the mold. We have a variety of release agents to meet your specific molding requirements, from water and solvent-based products to silicone and silicone-free options.

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