Primer G 790

Wacker® Primer G 790 is a solution of reactive siloxanes and silanes in an organic solvent. The primer composition can be applied to the substrate as such or diluted. During evaporation of the solvent and on exposure to atmospheric humidity at ambient temperature a rigid primer film is formed which firmly adheres to the substrate. Application of a silicone rubber onto the primed substrate and subsequent vulcanization will then result in a tight bond between the silicone rubber and the substrate.

Common Applications: Bonding agent preferably used with addition-curing silicone rubbers like Wacker® Elastosil RTV-2 and LSR as well as Wacker® Powersil RTV-2 and LSR. Wacker® Primer G 790 is especially suited for bonding addition-curing silicone rubbers to metallic and non-metallic substrates.

Type: Primer for Silicone Elastomers

Primer G 790 is a registered trademark of Wacker.