Elastosil R plus 4001/40

HCR silicone rubbers of the Elastosil R plus 4001 series are addition-curing, one-component compounds for the manufacture of press cured articles. The vulcanizates show excellent transparency and good to very good mechanical properties. No peroxide split products are released during cure or post cure. Cure system is significantly faster compared to peroxide curing materials. Properly postcured vulcanizates of Elastosil R plus 4001 comply with BfR and FDA food contact regulations.

Common Applications: The grade is suitable for the manufacture of all kind of articles for technical and food-contact applications. Specially thick walled articles can take advantage of the fast curing material.

Type: One Part Platinum Catalyzed Solid Silicone Rubber For Molding Standard Grade

Elastosil R plus 4001/40 is a registered trademark of Wacker.

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