SILPURAN Film 2030

SILPURAN Film 2030 250/xxx is an exceptionally skin-compatible protective film made from cross-linked silicone rubber, specially developed for the healthcare industry. The ultrathin film is showing constant electrical resistance and good comparative tracking resistance across a broad range of temperatures. The width is 250 mm and thickness is given in μm (xxx). xxx stands for

  • 20 μm
  • 50 μm
  • 100 μm
  • 200 μm
  • 400 μm SILPURAN Film 2030 250/xxx is also available with a thickness of
  • 10 μm and
  • 15 μm.

The thickness variation over the entire width is +/- 1 μm. The production width is also 250 mm here.

Common Applications: Medical

Type: Silicone (VMQ)

SILPURAN Film 2030 is a registered trademark of Wacker.