SILPURAN 6499-50 A-B

Liquid silicone rubbers of the SILPURAN® 6400 series are paste-like, easily-pigmentable two-component compounds with short curing times. Their vulcanizates are noted for their high transparency and excellent mechanical and electrical properties. SILPURAN® 6400 exhibits, in particular, excellent tear resistance measured according to ASTM D 624 B and DIN ISO 34-1 method A (DIN 53507). SILPURAN® 6400/50 A/B is designed for medical applications in compliance with the WACKER SILICONES HEALTH CARE POLICY including implantation for fewer than 30 days.

Common Applications: Medical

Type: Silicone (VMQ)

SILPURAN 6499-50 A-B is a registered trademark of Wacker.