Curing Agents

Curing Agents

Suppliers of Peroxide, Magnesium Oxide & Rubber Curing Chemicals

Many polymers cannot be properly used for their intended purpose without first being cured via the addition of a vulcanizing agent. Without the addition of a curing agent, polymers are pliable and tacky. Upon curing the polymer is transformed into a more durable, resilient product.

The selection of the appropriate curing agent is dependent on the base polymer, the processing conditions and the physical and service requirements of the finished compound. Curing agents come in a variety of forms, from powders and liquids to filler supported formulations. The selection of form is dependent on the mixing conditions of the compounder. For more information on which curing agent is suited to your compound, contact H.M. Royal.

The Properties and Diverse Uses of Vulcanizing Agents

Chemical curatives such as magnesium oxide, peroxide, and sulfur are key components in a wide variety of common products and applications including:

Automotive parts Golf ball cores Conveyor belts Footwear soles Adhesive tapes Wire and Cable

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H.M. Royal: A Leading Provider of Curing Agents

H.M. Royal has a longstanding reputation as a trusted supplier of raw materials, and our staff works tirelessly to align ourselves with the best and most reliable suppliers in order to ensure we have every product available to our customers.

A sampling of our chemical inventory of curing agents and common compounding applications includes:

Types of Curing Agents 

H.M. Royal Suppliers  & Product Lines

Common Applications

Magnesium Oxide

Martin Marietta: Elastomag, MagChem & MagShield

Magnesium Oxide is used in the curing of neoprene compounds and as an acid acceptor.


Akzo-Nobel: Trigonox & Perkadox

Peroxide is used to cure polymer systems at higher processing temperatures.

Phenolic Resin

SI Group

Phenolic resins provide high durability crosslinks to rubber compounds.

Rubber Curing Chemicals

Toray: CTPI & TBBS

Curing agents are used to accelerate or retard the rubber curing process.


H.M. Royal Brand Sulfur

 Sulfur is used to increase tension and for improved compatibility in polymer compounds.

Zinc Oxide

Horsehead/Zochem: Kadox & Zoco

Zinc Oxide is applied as an activator in the rubber curing process.

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