Processing Aids & Plasticizers

Processing Aids & Plasticizers

Processing aids and plasticizers are chemical additives used in compounds to increase the plasticity, fluidity or lubrication of a material. These processing aids are suitable for use in plastics and rubber compounds.

Plasticizers soften polymer compounds in order to:

  • Improve processing
  • Lower compound viscosity
  • Increase the flexibility of polymer compounds

Because there is a wide range of chemicals used as processing aids and plasticizers, the individual properties of each compounding material can differ greatly. Depending on a customer’s specific compound, process requirements, and chemical compatibility, the correct additive must be selected to ensure proper performance.

The Versatile Properties of Processing Aids

Plasticizers, process oils, internal lubricants and other chemical additives are used to improve and enhance the compound processing characteristics of rubbers and plastics. Processing aids can act as softeners, extenders, lubricants, stabilizers, and strengtheners, depending on the needs of the manufacturer. They can be found in a number of products including:

  • Flooring tubing
  • Beverage bottles
  • Building material
  • Automobile engine hose
  • Wire and cable jacketing

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A sampling of our processing aids and non-phthalate plasticizers includes:

Types of Processing Aids & Plasticizers 

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Common Applications

Chlorinated Paraffin

Qualice: CPAR

Chlorinated Paraffin is used for its flame retardant properties. It can also be used as a secondary plasticizer.

Internal Lubricants

Norac: EL & XL

Internal lubricants are highly compatible and efficient all-purpose additives for PVC.

Metallic Stearates

Norac: COAD

Metallic stearates produce lubricity in rubbers or plastics.

Mold Release Agent

Chem-Trend: Mono-Coat

Mold release agents are ideal for a variety of molding, forming, casting and curing applications.


Soltex: PB

Polybutene is used in adhesives and sealants due to its tackiness.

Polymeric Plasticizer

HB Chemical: Merrox

Polymeric plasticizers are used as additives in rubber, plastics and adhesive compounds to improve performance at low temperatures.

Process Oils

Holly Refining: Sundex, Sunpar & Suncoat
San Joaquin Refining: Raffene
Chevron:  ParaLux

Process oils are most often used as plasticizers in polymers and rubbers and are selected for their compatibility.

Silicon Dioxide

Elkem: Sidistar & Sidishield

The unique structure of silicon dioxide allows for added lubricity without deterioration of properties in rubber compounds.

Slab Dip

Calzin: Calzin

Slab dip is a release agent that prevents uncured rubber from sticking.

Stearic Acid

Acme-Hardesty & Emery: Rubber Grade

Stearic acid can help homogenize and blend polymers and aids in activating the curing process.


Frank B. Ross:  Microflake
International Group: Roywax

Wax in various forms and melt points can improve the processing of compounds and increase the speed of extrusion.

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