Coad® 10LD Calcium Stearate

Coad® 10LD Calcium Stearate is a high grade calcium stearate developed for the PVC processing industry. It offers significant lower dusting than traditional stearates of finer particle size and its larger, friable granules readily disperse during blending or processing to provide excellent mold release and lubricating properties. Coad® 10LD Calcium Stearate meets the requirements of PPI-TR3 and NSF Standard 14 for potable water.

Common Applications: Coad® 10LD Calcium Stearate acts as a dispersing aid during the blending cycle, as a lubricant and processing aid during extrusion, and as a mold release agent for injection molding. It also improves stability by neutralizing acidic decomposition products in the polymerization of certain polyolefins. Coad® 10LD Calcium Stearate is an excellent mold release agent for matched metal die molding under certain conditions.

Type: Metallic Stearates

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