Coad® 20 Zinc Stearate

Coad® 20 Zinc Stearate is a high grade multi-purpose zinc stearate with superior heat stability. It has a moderately high bulk density and exhibits improved dispersion for faster and more uniform mixing. The low specific surface provides important advantages when controlling viscosity.

Common Applications: Coad® 20 Zinc Stearate improves pigment dispersion and reduces blending time needed to produce uniform mixtures. It also acts as a lubricant to improve melt flow and prevents sticking to extruder surfaces. Coad® 20 Zinc Stearate shortens blending cycles, gives higher apparent densities and better flow properties in the metal powder-lubricant blends, reduces injection pressure, and improves die life. Coad® 20 Zinc Stearate is used where thick, uniform coatings are desired on uncured slabs or especially tacky formulations. Coad® 20 Zinc Stearate may be employed in concrete and mortar admixtures to impart water repellency and to improve flow and release properties of the dry mix.

Type: Metallic Stearates

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