Coad 25 Zinc Stearate

Coad 25 Zinc Stearate is an excellent general purpose zinc stearate suitable in a wide range of applications. Highly desirable whenever a very fine particle size and lower ash zinc stearate are preferred. COAD® 25 Zinc Stearate also offers good melt clarity, heat stability, very low chloride content, and low bulk density.

Common Applications: Coad 25 Zinc Stearate is an excellent flatting agent and sanding aid for lacquers and lacquer sanding sealers and easily dispersed by stirring. When used as a flatting agent in paint, it also aids in pigment dispersions. Coad 25 Zinc Stearate is an excellent mold release agent for phenolic, melamine, urea-formaldehyde, and other thermoset molding compounds. Coad 25 Zinc Stearate is used in cream and paste formulations to stabilize water-in-oil emulsions. Coad 25 Zinc Stearate, with its high spreading power, is used as a dusting powder for uncured rubber stocks where even, light coatings are desired. It is an excellent mold release agent and is useful as an anticoagulant in latexes.

Type: Metallic Stearates

Coad 25 Zinc Stearate is a registered trademark of Norac Additives.

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