Rheology Modifiers

Thixotropes & Rheology Modifiers

Rheology modifiers, often referred to as thickeners or viscosifiers, play an essential role in the development of high-performing applications. They are used in compounding mixtures to control viscosity and thicken the formulation. For compounds that undergo high shear stress or deformation, rheology additives are critical to maintaining the integrity and composition of these mixtures.


Rheology modifiers offer improved viscosity and high efficiency for adhesives, sealants, industrial coatings and plastisols. During the application and curing process, they ensure sag resistance and high efficiency. They also prevent pigment sedimentation during transportation and storage.

Because these thickeners can demonstrate thixotropic behavior, they are ideal for use in mechanical, PVC, urethane and modified silicone solutions. These thixotropic properties are achieved through chemical branching, water absorption or mechanical thixotropy.

Additive Suppliers

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A sampling of our rheology modifiers includes:

Types of Rheology Modifiers

H.M. Royal Suppliers  & Product Lines

Common Applications

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Shiraishi: Viscolite, Hakuenka, Vigot & Viscoexcel

A specialty thixotrope for PVC, urethane and modified silicone solutions.

Kevlar Pulp Fibers

DuPont: Kevlar

Kevlar pulp fibers are shear stable mechanical thixotropes.

Kevlar Pulp Fibers-Opened

DuPont: Kevlar

Opened Kevlar pulp fibers allow for easier dispersion in low shear systems.

Fumed Silica

Tokuyama: Reolosil

Fumed silica is a thixotrope used via chemical branching.

Bentonite Clay

H.M. Royal, Inc. Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a thixotrope used via water absorption and swelling.

Aramid Fiber Blend

Royal Brand: Roy-Tuff 9021 & Roy-Tuff 8016

Aramid blend fibers are highly dispersible powders used to reinforce compounds and improve abrasion.

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