New rubber additives technology.

New Rubber Additives Provide Safe, Sustainable Rubber-to-Metal Bonding

Bruggemann, a company specializing in polymer additives, has introduced a new technology that was recently featured in Rubber World. This innovation combines two additives, TP 1862 and LP21-103, to create a rubber-to-metal adhesive that eliminates the need for resorc[…]

Graphene Nanotubes & Silicone Products

Using Graphene Nanotubes to add Conductivity to Silicone Products

Graphene nanotubes are newly-developed additives that add electrical conductivity to silicone formulations. They can be used in many types of silicones including liquid silicone rubber (LSR), heat cured rubber (HCR), and room temp vulcanizing (RTV). Nanotubes are […]

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