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New Rubber Additives Provide Safe, Sustainable Rubber-to-Metal Bonding

New performance additive technology from Brueggemann were recently highlighted in an article published in Rubber World. The combined performance of two new rubber additives – TP 1862 and LP21-103 –make it possible to formulate rubber-to-metal adhesives that do not contain potentially toxic resorcinol and cobalt salt.

Superconductive Carbon Black Performance Additive Achieves the Highest Electrical Conductivity at the Lowest Concentrations

A superconductive carbon black produced by Nouryon called Ketjenblack achieves the same conductivity as conventional carbon blacks at substantially lower concentrations. In addition to reducing production costs, it lowers the load to lessen the impact on the final product.

Using Phenolic Resins to Enhance Rubbers and Adhesives

Phenolic resins are used to tackify, reinforce or help cure rubber compounds. They are known for their heat resistance, hardness, dimensional stability, and chemical and electrical resistance.