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Precipitated Silica Improves the Performance of Industrial and Specialty Applications

Precipitated silica, an amorphous form of silica (silicon dioxide), is a critical ingredient used in many applications worldwide. These materials can be added to products during the manufacturing process to provide key performance benefits. Precipitated silicas have become a key filler for the rubber industry due to their properties and performance attributes.

7 Benefits of Using Liquid Silicone Rubber for Injection Molding

Manufacturers in a wide range of industries use plastics in their injection molding processes. However, materials like thermoplastic elastomers cannot withstand extreme heat and distort and lose their shape when exposed to high temperatures. That is why more and more manufacturers are turning to liquid silicone rubber.

Rain Carbon Inc. Closing Uithoorn Resins Production Facility in 2020

Up until now, many manufacturers have used resins produced from Rain Carbon’s Uithoorn production site, a world-leading producer of carbon-based products. However, Rain Carbon Inc. recently announced that they are closing their Uithoorn facility in the Netherlands by the end of March 2020.