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Graphene: Ultra-Light, High-Strength Material for Enhanced Product Performance

In recent years, graphene has gained immense interest due to its unique physical properties and the exciting opportunities it presents for applications in multiple industries. Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms that are tightly bound together in a hexagonal honeycomb pattern.

How to Properly Select and Apply DuPont Rubber to Substrate Adhesives

Across the automotive, medical, utility and many other industries, rubber to substrate bonding is a common process. Creating a successful rubber to substrate bond means both choosing the right adhesive and using the adhesive properly.

Guidelines for the Safe Handling of Hazardous Chemicals

The handling of hazardous chemicals is a job requirement in many workplaces, but it can also be a dangerous one. To help you maintain a safe workplace, we have outlined a few fundamental guidelines for handling hazardous chemicals.