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H.M. Royal News Update: Rubber Division Webinars, Coating Resins Market to Expand

H.M. Royal is introducing a news feature to help you stay up to date on the latest in raw materials and chemicals for formulators. In this post, we share expert insights, predictions, and practical tips.

Roy-Tuff™ Aramid Fiber Blends: A Better Way to Disperse Fibers

If you’re looking for a better way to disperse fibers, Roy-Tuff™ blends from H.M. Royal are ideal for adhesive, sealant, coating and fiber-reinforced plastic applications. Roy-Tuff products are compounded and opened aramid pulps with maximized surface area, enabling rapid dispersion into a variety of viscous materials.

Overcoming Top Challenges in RTV Silicone Rubber Mold Making

Due to its performance advantages and versatility, RTV silicone rubber is becoming the preferred choice of many mold makers. Silicone offers a number of benefits for the mold-making process, including excellent thermal resistance and long-lasting flexibility.