Performance Additives

Performance additives such as microspheres, aramid fibers and odorants bring unique properties to products and compounds, including maximizing product lifespan, high temperature performance, light weighting and volumetric cost reduction.

Performance additives offer a range of different properties that can be applied to many polymer compounds to achieve desired finished product performance. End use applications can range from highly technical compounds to every day products including:

  • Elastomers
  • Adhesives
  • Engineering plastics
  • Plastic coatings
  • Machine parts

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Your Raw Materials Experts

H.M. Royal is the premier material supplier of raw materials including fibers, antioxidants, microspheres and more. As material people, we pride ourselves in developing strong, lasting relationships with the best raw materials manufacturers from around the world.

Our experience with these materials, combined with our vast, reliable network of suppliers, allows us to provide every compounder with the right products without delay.

A sampling of performance additives supplied by H.M. Royal includes:

Types of Performance Additives

H.M. Royal Suppliers  & Product Lines

Common Applications


S.I. Group: Ethanox & Ethaphos

Antioxidants are used to stabilize plastic formulations for longer life, heat stability and color control.

Antistatic Additives

Nouryon:  Armostat

 Antistatic additives dissipate electrical charges in polymer systems.


Nouryon: Armoslip

 Slip agents improve processing, extrusion rate and surface appearance.

Fiber Blends

DuPont: Kevlar
Royal Brand: Roy-Tuff

Fiber blends are used to improve abrasion resistance in compounds for gaskets, seals, automotive and mechanical rubber products.


Asbury: Graphite

Graphite is used as a slip additive and for its electrical properties.


Andrea Aromatics

Odorants are applied to industrial and consumer products to mask odors.

PTFE Micro Powder

Solvay: Algoflon & Polymist

PTFE micronized powders are used as additives in materials including: thermoplastics, coatings and paints, inks, elastomers, and lubricants to enhance processing or end-use performance characteristics.


Chase Corporation: Dualite
Viceroy: Bubble Glass

Spheres are used to reduce compound density and to improve volumetric formula cost.

Silicon Dioxide

Elkem: Sidistar & Sidishield

The spherical structure of silicon dioxide allows for reinforcement and additional lubricity in systems.

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