Application Specialist Justin Pflug will discuss expert strategies for troubleshooting rubber to metal (RTM) bond failures.

H.M. Royal’s Justin Pflug, Application Specialist for Specialty Adhesives and Mold Release, will speak at the Energy Polymer Group’s Winter Technical Meeting in Houston, TX on January 18, 2018.

Justin Pflug will share the leading causes of rubber to metal bond failures and how to prevent similar failures in the future. He will also offer insight into how H.M. Royal evaluates rubber to metal bonds to ensure outstanding performance and adhesion.

“Justin’s presentation will focus on critical aspects of bonding rubber for oil and gas applications,” said Steve Jagels, Technical Sales Manager for H.M. Royal. “These applications often require high temperature bonding of dynamic parts that resist fluids, including oils and downhole fluids.”

In addition to speaking at the event, H.M. Royal will also be exhibiting. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about H.M. Royal’s strong rubber expertise and the trusted relationships they have developed with the industry’s leading suppliers.

The Energy Polymer Group is comprised of approximately five hundred polymer professionals, all dedicated to the advancement of polymer technology and education.

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