Nouryon Specialty Chemicals changes name

Nouryon Specialty Chemicals Changes Name to Nouryon

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The former Akzo Specialty Chemicals, recently acquired by The Carlyle Group, is being renamed as Nouryon. The company changed their name to increase their potential as an independent, global specialty chemical leader.

New Company with a 400-Year History

Although Nouryon is a new company, they have a history that dates back 400 years and the new name reflects that heritage. The name is inspired by two pioneers of the chemicals industry, Jan Nourji and Gerrit van der Lande. In 1838, they purchased two mills in the Netherlands to produce oil and flour. Their discovery of oxidizing flour to make better bread was the spark that transformed their graining mill business into an international chemical company.

Their story inspired Nouryon to become a leader who shapes the industry. Today, Nouryon is a world-leading producer of chemicals used to manufacture everyday items such as paper, plastics, building materials and personal care items. They are the world’s largest producer of organic peroxides for free radical polymerization of various polymers. Over the course of their long history, they have developed a wealth of expertise in the specialty chemicals field.

The new company purpose – “Your partner in essential chemistry for a sustainable future” – reflects their history and their new focus moving forward.

“Launching our new company is a significant milestone to add to our proud history and we are all looking forward to this exciting new chapter,” says new CEO Charles Shaver. “We are ready to leverage our experience, global presence, and strong company culture to unleash our full potential as an independent company.”

Nouryon will be working closely with customers to deliver the best quality and service they can. They will continually focus on creating safer and more sustainable products and processes to reduce environmental impact and provide more value to customers.

Organic Peroxides for Many Applications

As a trusted supplier of Nouryon products, H.M. Royal will continue to supply curing agents and organic peroxides from Nouryon to many different industries. We can provide well-known brands in the industry such as Trigonox® and Perkadox®.

We offer organic peroxides for a wide range of uses, including polymer modification and the crosslinking of elastomers, silicone rubbers and thermoplastics. Organic peroxides are available as liquids, flakes, powders, granules or paste, depending on your application needs.

For more information, contact us at (800) 257-9452 or ask our material experts.


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