This year is quite an exciting one here at H.M. Royal Incorporated. Not only are we celebrating our 90th Anniversary and 3rd Generation of service, but we are also being recognized as one of New Jersey’s top Family Businesses by The Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship of Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey Monthly, and The PNC Financial Services Group Incorporated. Selected from a large pool of nominations, H.M. Royal Incorporated has been chosen to be recognized as a finalist in the running for this prestigious award. Winners will be announced at a luncheon on October 14th at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ.

For 23 Years, The Rothman Institute has been awarding exemplary family-owned businesses with this award based on company growth, ethics, family involvement, and philanthropic service. H.M. Royal has not only met, but exceeded these standards in order to be selected as a finalist, and we couldn’t be more honored. As our company continues to grow, so does our family, which includes all of our employees and customers. We hold a strong belief in making and maintaining personal relationships with every member of the H.M. Royal ‘family’, and have managed to uphold this practice well into the age of electronic and anonymous communication. Not only is H.M. Royal a great company to work with, but also to work for. In fact, many of our employees stay with H.M. Royal for many years.

“I have been working with HM Royal inc. for 18 years. HM Royal is a family business, and not just for the Royals. Every employee is treated like family. Every customer is treated like family. This company is a Customer Service based company. They still believe, as every company should, that our customers are our livelihood and, therefore, treat them with the appropriate respect. . . The bottom line is that 18 years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life.” – Jill Sirawsky, Trenton Purchasing Manager

H.M. Royal is traditional in style but innovative in operation. When there is a problem to be solved, we make sure to think outside the box to work out a solution that is equally best for our customers, our suppliers, the company, and our employees. When the recession hit our country in 2008, we held strong, made the necessary cutbacks, and remained financially strong until the economy began to recover in 2010. In fact, H.M. Royal was able to keep every employee on staff (a huge accomplishment) and keep our employees well informed and motivated for the entirety of these extremely rough times. By keeping our experienced group together, and thanks to our loyal customers, we quickly bounced back, with 2010 – 2014 being the highest growth years in our history.

As for service to our community and otherwise, H.M. Royal has not slacked. Our employees always are involved in outreach, from helping shelters in Camden, to raising money on a larger scale to fight cancer with Relay for Life. As a company, we also make sure to reach out whenever we can. We are heavily involved with the Mill Hill Child and Family development group serving neglected and abused children right here in Trenton. Facilitated by Joe Royal, we have held coat and food drives, collections for school supplies, and have also adopted entire families around the holidays.

“The most striking memory I have is when we were invited to tour the facility and a little girl held her arms up to me and jumped up for me to hold her. I was a complete stranger and we shared the biggest hug – that felt great!” – Jean Madden, Accounts Receivable

H.M. Royal is also supporting the Crescent Shrine Center for handicapped and underprivileged children, the Trenton Police Athletic League, Homefront Incorporated, and even more.

Our future looks bright here at H.M. Royal Incorporated, for our family and our extended family of employees and customers. We will continue to innovate, problem solve, and cultivate a meaningful relationship with everyone we come in contact with. Even if we are not selected as the winner of the New Jersey Family Business award, we are still extremely honored and will continue to grow and thrive as we have since 1925.