POLYTONE PF 132 is a high-purity, non-heat reactive/thermoplastic phenol formaldehyde novolac resin with a low softening point. It is designed to give consistent performance as a reinforcing resin in synthetic and natural rubber-based goods that require high hardness and excellent chip and abrasion resistance when cross-linked with a methylene donor. POLYTONE AP 132 can also be used as a reinforcing resin in tire beads, shoe soles, apex strips and co-extruded window profiles.

Common Applications: POLYTONE PF 132 can be used as an epoxy phenolic co-reactant in a wide range of applications such as laminates, adhesives and coatings. It can also be used in varnishes, insulations, inks and coatings and as a reinforcing resin in rubber goods like tires.

Type: Non heat reactive/novolac/thermoplastic

POLYTONE PF 132 is a registered trademark of Polyols & Polymers.