Antiflame 195

Antiflame 195 flame retardant (also known as Antiflame TDCP flame retardant) is a medium molecular-weight flame retardant compatible with a broad range of polymeric systems and used primarily in polyester foams that must meet automotive flammability standards. When used in this application, Antiflame 195 flame retardant provides durable flame retardancy, a combination of low scorch, excellent hydrolytic stability and good heat aging performance.

Common Applications: Antiflame 195 flame retardant is highly recommended for flame retardant polyester and polyether foams that must resist ignition from small flame sources. It is ideal for the production of foams required to meet Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard No. 302. Antiflame 195 flame retardant offers good migration resistance following moderate heat or humidity aging.


Antiflame 195 is a registered trademark of H.M. Royal.