Dow Automotive Systems

Dow Automotive Systems

H.M. Royal is a trusted supplier of Dow Automotive Systems. Providing both solvent-based and water-based adhesives, we offer a variety of automotive adhesive solutions to suit your needs.

Uses for Adhesives

Dow Automotive Systems provides rubber to metal bonding adhesives for a number of applications, including anti-vibration systems (AVS) and seals.

AVS Applications
Dow Adhesive’s AVS bonding portfolio meets a wide range of application requirements and offers multiple processes. Due to their lower film thickness, they offer reduced material costs. They also feature the ability to bond a wide range of rubber types, making them suitable for many applications:

  • Bushings (suspension, front control arm, etc.)
  • Powertrain/transmission systems (torsional dampers)
  • Engine mounts
  • Hydro engine mounts
  • Exhaust hangers
  • Roll restrictors

Seal Applications
Dow Adhesive’s seal solutions include both solvent and water-based systems. They seal against chemicals, fluids, and gases and are typically used in these applications:

  • Shaft seals
  • Cylinder head gaskets
  • Oil seals

Solvent and Water-Based

H.M. Royal offers both water and solvent-based automotive adhesive solutions to meet the needs of any compound. Both solutions provide excellent adhesive properties and versatility and satisfy a range of application needs.

RoBond: Water-Based Adhesive
The greatest advantage to using Dow products lies in their water-based adhesives. Specifically, RoBond was recently developed as a water-based adhesive solution in response to increasing regulatory pressures. These water-borne adhesives improve environmental and worker safety. Additionally, they perform as well as, if not better than, their solvent-based counterparts. These adhesives come in different varieties and are primarily used for bonding:

  • ACM, NBR, and XNBR to a wide variety of substrates
  • Peroxide cured HNBR and EPDM to a wide variety of substrates
  • NBR, HNBR, and XBNR to a wide variety of substrates

Megum: Water and Solvent-Based Adhesives
Megum comes in both water-based and solvent-based varieties. Each solution is environmentally friendly and provides specific adhesive properties. Megum products are high-performance adhesives and are primarily used for bonding:

  • FKM to a wide variety of substrates
  • VMQ to a wide variety of substrates

Thixon: Solvent-Based Adhesives
Thixon solvent-based adhesives come in both one coat and two coat systems. These coatings are environmentally friendly and provide high adhesive performance. These adhesives are typically used for bonding:

  • TDI and MDI based ethers and esters
  • TDI and MDI polyethers and polyesters
  • Peroxide cured millables
  • Extruded and injection molded Hydri

A Variety of Automotive Adhesive Products

Dow Automotive Systems provides three different product types to suit your needs, and H.M. Royal is proud to supply you with each one. We are able to serve a multitude of suppliers who must bond a variety of proprietary substrates during complex molding operations.

Dow primers provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • Corrosion/environmental resistance
  • A high degree of metal adhesion, as well as the ability to bond other rigid substrates
  • They can chemically bond to the top/cover coat
  • Their non-black color provides visual differentiation from the substrate and cover coat
  • Depending on the application, they show high elasticity to cope with post-vulcanization processes
  • Used as one coat in certain applications, such as NBR bonding

Single Coat Technology
Featuring next-generation adhesive technology, Dow single coat products come with numerous benefits, including:

  • Designed specifically as one true coat adhesives, helping to simplify the manufacturing process
  • Offers versatility in vulcanization or post-vulcanization processing
  • Non-CSM systems reduce mold fouling
  • Ensures compliance with heavy metal regulations
  • Enhanced application quality and extended product shelf life

Cover Coat
Thixon solvent-based adhesives come in both one coat and two coat systems. These coatings are environmentally friendly and provide high adhesive performance. These adhesives have many uses:

  • Dow Cover Coats are designed to bond the elastomer and bridge with the primer
  • By being reinforced during molding, they create a barrier to external environments for long-term durability
  • They provide pre-bake resistance in specific applications
  • They are scuff and sweeping resistant when necessary, depending on the application
  • They are hot tear resistant, depending on other applications

Chem-Trend Mold Release Agents

In addition to our rubber to metal adhesives, we also offer mold release agents that work in tandem with the adhesives. When used for rubber to metal bonding, mold release agents ensure higher quality products with minimal transfer and no mold fouling. As a proud supplier of Chem-Trend, we supply multiple agents to compounders in various industries. Visit our Chem-Trend page to see what we offer.

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