Hydrocarbon Resins

C9 NOVARES Hydrocarbon Resins by RÜTGERS

H.M. Royal is a proud supplier of NOVARES® Hydrocarbon Resins by the RÜTGERS group — the leading manufacturer of C9 hydrocarbon resins in Europe. RÜTGERS developed the NOVARES® line of resins primarily for the adhesive, coating, rubber, and printing ink industries. With over 160 years of experience, the RÜTGERS group is a leader in technology and innovation. They provide solid and liquid forms of C9 modifying resins for diverse applications.

H.M. Royal and the RÜTGERS group work together to provide high-quality C9 Hydrocarbon Resins.

Hydrocarbon Resins for a Variety of Industries

Available in both liquid and solid form, we offer NOVARES® Resins for various industries.

  • The Adhesives Industry
    NOVARES® resins improve heat resistance, adhesion and application rate. In addition, they are useful for adjusting hot tack, rheology, open time, and EVA compatibility.
  • Coating Industry
    We provide NOVARES® resins for the manufacturing of paints and coatings. These products increase solid content, improve the gloss, increase abrasion resistance, and protect against corrosion.
  • Rubber and Tire Industry
    Hydrocarbon resins offer many benefits for the rubber and tire industries. They improve the tack of rubber compounds, decrease viscosity, optimize the physical properties of the rubbers, reduce gas permeability, and more.
  • Bitumen Industry
    When used in a clear or colored binder for synthetic asphalt tracks and road, these resins improve coloring, adhesion, cohesive strength, and durability.
  • Printing Ink Industry
    We supply Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resins by NOVARES® for newspaper offset inks, sheetfed offset inks, and heatset offset inks.

Coumarone-indene Resins

In addition to C9 hydrocarbon resins, we also carry coumarone-indene resins by NOVARES®. These are typically used as a substitute for aromatic process oils in various rubber goods. They are also suitable for the adhesives and coating industries. These resins come in two different types:

  • C-Type Coumarone-indene Resins
    This type is produced by the polymerization of the indene fraction, which is obtained through coal tar distillation.
  • CA-Type Coumarone-indene Resins
    This type is phenol-modified and features a polar structure.

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