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Resins are polymers with numerous applications. They can be found in nature—a product of some plants such as pine trees—or they can be synthetically produced to serve a large variety of applications ranging from rubber, adhesives, paints and varnishes to heavy-duty corrosion protection.

Synthetic resins are versatile compounds, and specific characteristics depend on their chemistry as well as their specific physical properties. View a sampling of H.M. Royal resins and their unique characteristics below:

Types of Resins

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Common Applications

Coumarone Indene Resins (CI)

Rutgers: Novares

Coumarone indene resins are a substitute for aromatic process oil in tires and mechanical rubber goods.

Phenolic Resins

SI Group

Phenolic resins are known as high performance tackifiers with a great scorch resistance, especially in the rubber compounding industry.

Modified Hydrocarbon, Solid Hydrocarbon (C9, C10)

Rutgers: Novares

Hydrocarbon resins can improve building tack and adhesion to substrates.

Because the uses of resins for compounding can be so diverse, it is often hard to find a resin supplier that is not only familiar with all of these applications, but can also quickly provide you with the supplies you need. With H.M. Royal, your search for the ultimate resin supplier can be put to rest.

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H.M. Royal Reactive Diluents

Due to resin’s natural tendency to be viscous, epoxy diluents are an equally important component of many compounds containing resins. In addition to the resins we supply, we also provide epoxy diluents, so you can make sure you have every vital component of your compound from one trusted supplier.

Our diluents include:

Types of Diluents

H.M. Royal Suppliers  & Product Lines

Common Applications


Rutgers: Ruetasolv

Ruetasolv is a substitute for benzyl alcohol in epoxy systems, carrier solvent, and heat transfer fluids.

Reactive Diluent

Rutgers: Novares L Series Hydrocarbon Resins

Reactive diluents are used for flooring adhesives, hot melt adhesives, reactive sealants, and as a substitute for nonyl phenol in epoxy systems. They also improve resistance to moisture and enhance the wetting of pigments and fillers.

Phenolic Resins & Hydrocarbon Resins For Every Industrial Compound

Resins know no bounds when it comes to industry applications. A sampling of these applications includes:

Paints and varnishes Flooring sealants Road markings Corrosion protection Automotive noise insulation PVC pigment pastes

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