Mold Release Agents

H.M. Royal: Mold Release Agents

H.M. Royal is a proud supplier of Chem-Trend products, including their mold release agents. Chem-Trend has continued to improve and innovate during their fifty year history, and at H.M. Royal, we hold ourselves to the same standards of excellence that they have achieved.

Mold Release Agents for Rubber
We are able to help compounders in various industries with their mold release agent needs, as Chem-Trend produces a variety of agents for a multitude of applications.

Benefits of Chem-Trend Mold Release Agents
Chem-Trend mold release agents have been refined over the years to provide the best usage within customer applications. Due to the constant improvements upon the agents, they are able to provide:

  • Very low transfer
  • Low level of in-mold build-up
  • Promotion of material flow
  • High release ease
  • Optimal, consistent, surface finish quality
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Cleaner molds
  • Low-to-no VOC emissions
  • Optimization of cycle time
  • Higher quality parts
  • Safer environments

Using Chem-Trend Mold Release Agents? You may also want to check out our rubber to metal bonding adhesives.
In addition to providing the Chem-Trend products, H.M. Royal also supplies various rubber to metal bonding adhesives. Due to the applications that utilize the mold release agents, rubber to metal bonding adhesives such as Robond and Thixon often go hand-in-hand to provide a full range of desired properties. Go to our Dow Automotive Adhesives page and find our full list of RTM bonding adhesives.

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