Amorphous Silicon Dioxide

Amorphous Silicon Dioxide in Chemical Compounds

As a component in polymer compounding, Elkem’s Sidistar vastly improves the dispersion of ingredients in the mixing process, reduces internal friction and allows for a higher extrusion speed. With industries moving to non-halogenated flame retardant systems, Sidistar is integral for meeting stricter flame retardant standards without the use of halogen compounds.

Based on its spherical “ball bearing” shape, Sidistar offers the performance of a viscosity modifier without detracting from the finished compound’s physical properties. The positive impact Sidistar amorphous silica has on compounds leads to an overall well-balanced final product, and it’s valued across many industries because of its unrivaled performance as a processing aid, flame retardant and performance additive.

Elkem Sidistar Silicon Dioxide
We supply several variations of Elkem’s silicon dioxide additives, including the Sidistar® R 300, 320 and Sidistar T120U. Read below for more information or contact a chemicals expert today!

Sidistar® R 300 & 320
The Sidistar R series was specifically designed by Elkem for use in rubber compounds and can be applied to create flame retardant compounds for cables and anti-vibration parts such as hoses and roofing membranes.

Sidistar T120U (Undensified)
SIDISTAR T120U is a specially designed light-coloured process modifier based on a spherically-shaped amorphous silicon dioxide. The nature of the product allows excellent dispersion down to the primary particles in the polymer matrix. This leads to improved dispersion of all compound ingredients and a better flow, allowing higher extrusion / injection speeds. The product is supplied in an undensified form.

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