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Because sulfur is such a versatile, abundant and well-known element, it has found its way into a vast range of applications and industries. From rubber compounding, adhesives, cement and glass to fertilizers sulfur’s many forms make it an ideal element and vital component to many compounds.

Rubber Maker’s Sulfur
Sulfur is a key element in the compounding of rubber. Rubber Maker’s Sulfur is a critical additive in rubber compounds, and facilitates the vulcanization process of rubber.

When used as a rubber additive sulfur has the ability to retain vital characteristics such as: tensile strength, elongation and hardness without dissolving into the mixture.

Specifically, in soft or elastic rubber compounds, rubber maker’s sulfur can often be a small but impactful ingredient needed to create the desired product. When considering semi-hard rubber and ebonite, vulcanizing sulfur makes all the difference in a usable end-product.

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Industrial SulfurIndustrial Sulfur Suppliers
Because H.M. Royal works closely with many customers in the rubber industry, we have staff well-versed in compatibility and characteristics of all forms of sulfur. We also know the importance of having a reliable supply of elemental sulfur available for any compounding need, so you’re guaranteed to get both expertise and quality service when working with us.

Our H.M. Royal Brand sulfur can be provided in many different forms depending on your needs and specifications:

Granular Sulfur
Flaked Sulfur
Arrow Roll Sulfur
Looking for a customized sulfur additive? We also have the ability to create formulated sulfurs and provide you with a compound with your exact specifications.

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Sulfur Product

% Through 325 Mesh Screen

Additional Information

Material Safety Data Sheet / Technical Data Sheet

Royal Rubbermakers 90


99.9% Pure Sulfur


Royal Rubbermakers 99M 2.5


2.5% Magnesium Carbonate

RM 99M 2.5 MSDS | TDS

Royal Rubbermakers 99 OT


Oil Treatment


H.M. Royal Sulfur Capping Compound

Flake form only

30% Inert Material

Capping Compound MSDS | TDS

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