Roy-Tuff 9021: A better way to deliver fiber

Roy-Tuff 9021 is a compounded and opened Aramid pulp which has maximized surface area and allows for rapid dispersion into a variety of viscous materials. The degree of openness allows the maximum utilization of Aramid and amorphous silica properties. Best results are achieved if unopened product is used within one year.

Typical Physical Properties

Specific Gravity

1.50 – 2.00


Pale Yellow

Fiber Length (Aramid)

2.0 mm

Fiber Diameter (Aramid)

12.0 um

Tensile Strength (Aramid) psi

525,000 psi

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Better Processing

Mooney and MDR data shows improvement in viscosity at equal fiber loading

Reduce Cycle Time

  • Roy-Tuff 9021 attains higher percentage of final property value after only 2-pass mix
  • Faster incorporation
  • Lower energy use

Higher Fiber Content

Aramid MB loading of 26 PHR needed to deliver same fiber content as 15PHR Roy-Tuff 9021

Polymer Independence

Roy-Tuff 9021 is functional across polymer classes

Roy-Tuff 9021 6phr A72-5 2 Pass Mix

Roy-Tuff 9021 6phr A72-9 3 Pass Mix

Test Parameters: Test conducted in SBR at 6 PHR fiber content

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