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As leaders in our industry, sourcing raw materials and chemicals is well known territory for H.M. Royal.

With our expertise you can have the best of both worlds. Our skilled sales staff can work with you to find the right supplier or partner within our network. We can also provide a variety of quality chemicals and raw materials directly from our line of Royal branded products. Whatever compounding solution you need to meet production and quality requirements, H.M. Royal’s dedicated and dynamic team are available to make it happen.

Aramid Blends, Kaolin Clay & Sulfur

The H.M. Royal branded product line consists of a wide variety of raw materials and chemicals used in compounding. Our branded raw materials are integrated in a number of compounding applications including the plastics, rubber, adhesives, sealants and protective coatings manufacturing industries.

For a more detailed description of the H.M. Royal Brand compounding products, check out the list below or contact one of our raw chemicals experts.

A sampling of Royal Brand products includes:

Types of Functional Fillers & Reinforcements

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Common Applications


Royal Brand Sulfur

Sulfur is the original curative for rubber compounds. Sulfur in flake form can also be used in chemical reactions.

Paraffin Wax

International Group: Roywax

Wax in various forms and melt points is used to improve processing of compounds and increase the speed of extrusion.

Perforated Test Film

Royal Brand Royfilm

Individual sheets of perforated test film are used for rheometers and other testing equipment.

Airfloated Kaolin Clay

Royal Brand: King V Clay & Queen Clay

The platy particles of kaolin clay allow for smoother surfaces in compounds and their fine particle size provides reinforcement.

Calcium Carbonate: Oyster Shell

Royal Brand Roy Cal H

The platy particles of oyster shell calcium carbonate result in faster extrusion rates and smoother surfaces in polymers

Aramid Fiber Blends

Royal Brand: Roy-Tuff 9021 & Roy-Tuff 8016

Aramid Fiber blends are highly dispersible blends to provide reinforcement in compounds for gaskets, seals, automotive and mechanical rubber goods.

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