Functional Fillers & Reinforcements

Mineral Fillers & Reinforcements for Compounding

Mineral fillers applied as functional additives and reinforcements include a vast and diverse collection of both naturally occurring and man-made materials. The majority of mineral fillers are naturally occurring. Product selection depends on characteristics such as particle size, color, chemical resistance and shape.

From precipitated calcium carbonate, fumed silica, talc, carbon black and many others, these functional fillers and reinforcements are applied to polymer, rubber, adhesive or epoxy compounds. Their distinctive properties allow for excellent extrusion and chemical resistance in many cases.
Experienced and Reliable Mineral Suppliers

Each functional filler and reinforcement plays a unique role depending on the compound or product properties required. There are a wide array of fillers and additives available both locally and globally.

Without the proper resources, finding the particular grade of calcium sulfate, fumed silica, kaolin clay or any functional additive can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why the raw materials experts at H.M. Royal have forged global, long lasting relationships with suppliers from around the world in order to bring you the mineral fillers and supplies you need when you need them.

We have the experience, global network and reliability needed in a leading raw materials supplier. For more information on the products we supply, or to speak to an expert today, contact us.

A sampling of our mineral fillers and reinforcements includes:

Types of Functional Fillers & Reinforcements

H.M. Royal Suppliers  & Product Lines

Common Applications

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Shiraishi Kogyo Kaisha, Ltd.: Shiraishi Calcium, Hakuenka, Viscolite & Viscoexcel

Precipitated calcium carbonate is used as reinforcing filler in rubber and PVC and as a thixotrope in adhesives and sealants.

Water Washed, Calcined & Treated Clay

BASF: ASP, Buca, Catalpo, Satintone, Translink & Ultrex

Selected for their reinforcement, good electrical properties in rubber, plastics and wire and cable compounds.

Carbon Black

Aditya Birla Carbon: Ultra
Akzo Nobel: Ketjen Black

Carbon black is the most widely used reinforcing filler in tires and mechanical rubber goods.

Dry, Wet, Ground & Treated Calcium Carbonates

Imerys: Camel-Wite, Atomite & Camel-Cal
Specialty Minerals: Hi-Pflex, Marblewhite & Vicron

These calcium carbonates are used for color, impact strength and electrical properties in vinyl, rubber and adhesive compounds.

Fumed Silica

Tokuyama: Reolosil

Fumed silica is used to reinforce silicone rubber and viscosity modification in liquid polymer systems.

Oyster Shell

Royal Brand: Roy Cal H

The application of oyster shell results in faster extrusion rates and smoother surfaces in polymers.

Kaolin Clay

Royal Brand: King V Clay, Queen Clay

Kaolin clay allows for smoother surfaces and its fine particles create a reinforcing effect in most polymers. Larger particle kaolin is used for maximum loading.

Naturally Occurring Talc

Imerys Talc: Mistron

Talc is an excellent reinforcing filler due to its platiness.  This also provides good extrusion properties.

Calcium Sulfate

U.S. Gypsum: Snow White

Calcium sulfate provides chemical resistance in white formulations.

Ground Coal

Keystone Fillers: 325BA Mineral Black

Coal is a light weight reinforcing agent in many rubber compounds.  It is used to reduce pound volume costs when replacing carbon blacks.

Precipitated Silica & Sodium Aluminosilicate

Glassven: Rubbersil

Precipitated silica is used as the primary reinforcement filler in white rubber compounds.

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