Organic Peroxide by AkzoNobel

As a leading chemical supplier, H.M. Royal is proud to provide cross linking peroxides from Akzo Nobel, the world’s largest producer of organic peroxides for free radical polymerization of various polymers.

AkzoNobel: Organic Peroxide for Many Applications
As the manufacturers of various world renowned brands of peroxide, AkzoNobel provides peroxides for a plethora of applications. This wide range of uses includes:

  • Polymer modification
  • Crosslinking of elastomers,
    silicone rubbers and thermoplastics

Safe Processing
The safe processing temperature is the temperature at which the scorch time is greater than 20 minutes. Typical crosslink temperature is the temperature at which 90% of total possible crosslinks are formed within 12 minutes. The half-life is the time necessary to reduce the original amount of peroxide by 50%.

A Variety of Different Classes of Organic Peroxide
We supply organic peroxides in a variety of classes to suit many different needs. Peroxides are available as liquids, flakes , powders, granuals or paste. Peroxides can also be provided dispersed on mineral fillers for ease of incorporation. As a distributor of AkzoNobel peroxide products, we carry any type of peroxide you may need.

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