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Business managers are under pressure to expand their sales coverage at the same time they are being asked to reduce selling expenses.

H.M. Royal’s National Network of sales professionals can effectively do both.

Eighteen highly trained sales professionals geographically deployed across the United States in major industrial areas focusing on the rubber, plastics, adhesive, sealant and coatings markets. All sales people are employees of H.M. Royal, Incorporated, not independent contractors. Ten full service warehouses deployed across the United States so that materials are close by the customer for rapid response and delivery. Experienced customer service teams to process orders and to provide constant follow up from order placement to delivery. Logistics teams are located on both the East and West Coasts. They coordinate and track direct shipments to customers by truck, rail, ocean container – whatever is needed to satisfy the customer.

Transparent relationship with suppliers to facilitate transfer of timely market and product information. Routine joint calls scheduled with the supplier’s sales and technical teams. Monthly sales call reporting providing customer specific and product specific updates. Billing and Accounts receivable teams in Trenton, NJ and Buena Park, CA to remove the credit and collections burden from the supplier. The financial strength of a Dun and Bradstreet 3A2 rated company, a Paydex of 78 and a commitment to paying suppliers within credit terms.

All this is provided on a variable cost basis. We don’t get paid until you get paid. No fixed overhead of direct salespeople, benefits, travel expenses.

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