Ruetasolv® BP 4201

Diisopropylbiphenyl, mixture of Isomers / C18H22

Common Applications: Chemical reactions, Printing inks / detach aids (detach oils for mould-[form-]working), Tackifier, film–forming aid & softener for emulsion adhesives & -paints, Compatible with mineral oils and binders (i.e. resins, waxes, bitumen etc.), Wets colourings, pigments and fillers very well, increases the power of solubility, For better compatibility of mineral oils in formulated products, Increases the solvency power, regulates the rheology

Type: Reactive Diluents

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Pearlstick® 5715 is a hard, flexible, abrasion resistant coatings. Primarily used for all solution binder for inks and lacquers on fabrics and various substrates.

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Reolosil CP-102®️ is a very fine amorphous silicon dioxide made by combustion of high purity silicon tetrachloride with oxygen and hydrogen.