Ruetasolv® BP 4103

Isoproylbiphenyl mixture of Isomers

Common Applications: Scintillation-kits and -cocktails, Non-reactive & hydrophobic modifier for rust protection systems, marine paints, sealant, coatings, adhesives, concrete reconstruction, industrial flooring, civil engineering, casting resins (i.e. electrical, electronically & mechanical applications), joint fillers, i.e. based on epoxies and/or polyurethane, Non–polaric additive for primers to prevent the formulation of blisters (osmosis), Alkyl-aromatic aid for improving the leafing of silver bronze (aluminium colors), Tackifier, film–forming aid & softener for emulsion adhesives & -paints, Textile auxiliaries, heat transfer fluid, drying process media, capacitor oil, Man–made process oil for the production of organic colored pigments and pigment pastes, Cleaning agent (for hot – & cold cleaning processes)

Type: Reactive Diluents

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