POLYTONE M137 is a fumarated rosin ester that is soluble in alcohol or can be dispersed inwater with ammonia, amines or morphine. The high melting point promotes fast solvent releaseand good level properties and is compatible with shellac, manila resins and with most acrylicdispersions and resin. 

Common Applications: It is used in OPV, Over Print Varnishes, Flexographic Inks, Roto Gravure Inks, Gravure Inks, Water Borne and Solvent Borne Inks, Carton Inks, Specialty Vanishes, Spirit Varnishes. It can substitute for Shellac, Manila and Acrylic Resins.

Type: Maleic resin.

POLYTONE M137 is a registered trademark of Polyols & Polymers.