POLYTONE AP 120 E is a non-heat reactive thermoplastic phenolic resin with excellent alcohol solubility. It is quick-drying, has excellent color retention, and is resistant to weathering, alkalis, water and abrasion. It is designed to develop high tack levels in rubber compounds that are used in tire construction and mechanical goods. POLYTONE AP 120 E is used in tung oil-based varnishes processed at 450 °C. It can also be used to add surface hardness to polyamide-based inks.

Common Applications: Weather-resistant finishes, spar varnishes, cold-mix varnishes, tire building, conveyor belts, rubber hose, rubber lining, rubber mats, rubber sheets, reinforced rubber, fabric-lined rubber, rubber adhesives, rubber goods and many more.

Type: Non-heat reactive/thermoplastic

POLYTONE AP 120 E is a registered trademark of Polyols & Polymers.