Norstab 51

Norstab 51 is a co-reacted CaZn-based PVC heat stabilizer. The low melting point and low viscosity allow for easy dispersion in plasticized PVC. Norstab 51 performs very well as a primary heat stabilizer in flexible PVC applications, both filled and clear, and specifically in applications requiring food or medical approvals.

Common Applications: PVC Blown Films: Norstab 51 is used as a heat stabilizer in the extrusion and processing of blown films, PVC Flexible Extruded Tubing: NORSTAB® 51 is used as a heat stabilizer in clear tubing applications used in food and medical areas, and PVC Flexible extruded Gaskets: NORSTAB® 51 is used as a heat stabilizer in a variety of filled applications such as appliance gasketing.


Norstab 51 is a registered trademark of Norac Additives.

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