Mono-Coat® 1175W

Mono-Coat® 1175W is a semi-permanent, water-based mold coating that provides improved tire appearance, reduced lightness
defects, and extends the in-press mold service time between mold cleanings.

Common Applications: Mono-Coat® 1175W is designed for application on the hot mold. If applied to a cold mold, corrosion may result. We recommend a
thorough cleaning of the mold followed by a solvent wipe to remove any residue before preheating the mold.

Type: Mold Release Agent

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THIXON 532 AEF is a solvent-borne general-purpose cover coat adhesive, when used in conjunction with a primer, bonds elastomers to metal, such as hot and cold rolled steel, stainless steel alloys, brass, aluminum and zinc plated metals during vulcanization molding.