Mathe® Lithium Stearate

Mathe® Lithium Stearate

Mathe® Lithium Stearate is a high quality, general purpose lithium stearate. Its carefully controlled particle size helps handling and improves blending.

Common Applications: Mathe® Lithium Stearate is used as an additive in face and body powders to impart slip and unctuousness and improve adherence to the skin. Mathe® Lithium Stearate is employed in the pressing of brass and stainless steel compacts. Mathe® Lithium Stearate is used as a gelling agent in the manufacture of multi-purpose greases, which offer a broader range of operating temperature than greases using aluminum or sodium stearates. Mathe® Lithium Stearate gives greases the properties of high drop points, water resistance, transparency, and excellent elasticity and recovery.


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