Geniosil® GF 82

The use of Geniosil® GF 82 as a coupling agent in mineral-filled plastics improves filler dispersibility, reduces its sedimentation tendency and greatly lowers the resin’s viscosity. In addition, it leads to higher filler loading and a marked increase in water (vapor) resistance, as well as resistance to acids and bases. As a component of adhesives and sealants, Geniosil® GF 82 improves both adhesion to the substrate and mechanical properties such as flexural strength, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. In potting compounds for electronic components, it has a positive influence on properties such as volume resistivity and dielectric constant.

Common Applications: Geniosil® GF 82 is mainly used in the treatment of inorganic fillers (e.g. glass, mineral and glass wools, ATH, kaolin, mica, metallic oxides) for various polymer types, such as epoxy resins, urethane, melamine resins, EPDM, and for polysulfides, as a component of electronic potting compounds, as an additive or primer in coatings, paints, adhesives and sealants, and as a component of inorganic polysiloxane-based coatings.

Type: Organofunctional Silane

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