BrightSun HB3DP/HB4DP

BrightSun HB is a high quality, performance grade of antimony trioxide used as a flame-retardant synergist and also suitable for other applications. These products are wetted with Diisodecyl Phthalate (DIDP) to reduce during handling and processing. The resultant product is an easily dispersible, low dust, free-flowing powder which provides better housekeeping and less dust in the workplace.

Common Applications: BRIGHTSUN HB antimony trioxide is a highly effective flame retardant synergist used in conjunction with organohalogen flame retardants or halogen containing resins, such as PVC. This wetted product is intended for use in application for use in application for which DIDP is compatible.

Type: Antimony Oxide

BrightSun HB3DP/HB4DP is a registered trademark of Minmetals Inc. (L.A.).

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