Common Applications: Scintillation kits and ~ cocktails, very high yield in energy (photons) Hydrogenation to Isopropyltetralene, heat transfer fluid, capacitor oil
Non-reactive modifier for corrosion prevention systems, sealant, coatings, concrete renovation systems, industrial floors, casting resins, joint fillers (i.e. based on polyurethane or epoxies), pigment pastries Alkylaromatic aid to improve the leafing of silver bronze (aluminium colours) Tackifier, film-forming aid & softener for emulsion adhesives & paints Cleaning agent (for hot – & cold cleaning processes), drying process media


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Dualite® E065-135D produced under a patented process, Dualite E065-135D is an ultra-low density polymeric product that has an inert exterior coating. This patented process produces a free-flowing, agglomerate-free material.

HM Royal