H.M. Royal eStore Provides Easy Online Shopping

H.M. Royal eStore Provides Easy Online Shopping

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If you work in a rubber compounding lab or mill room, you know how important it is to have products of the highest quality. Whether it’s a mill knife or gloves, you need to have supplies that you can depend on and that can withstand harsh conditions.

The H.M. Royal eStore has a wide range of high-quality mill room and rubber lab supplies to meet your specific needs. Now you can quickly find the products you need to keep your facility running smoothly right on the H.M. Royal website. We know how important product quality is to ensuring your continued success. That’s why we only offer supplies that are known for their long-term durability and proven reliability. 

Purchase Mill Room & Lab Supplies Online

The new H.M. Royal eStore is designed with the customer in mind. It features an intuitive and user-friendly design so you can purchase products in a matter of minutes and stay productive and competitive. If you click on the “Shop Online” button at the top right of the website, it will take you the main page with a full listing of the products available for online purchase. From there, you can search for products or click on any of the product categories listed. You can also set up an account, which allows you to log in and access your purchase history, billing information, etc.

The new eStore features a variety of products, ranging from rheometer film to gloves to knives. In this blog, you’ll learn about a variety of products we offer for purchase directly from the H.M. Royal eStore. We will continue to add new products to the store over time, so be sure to check back in the future. 



Having the right mill blade is critical to increasing production and improving cut quality. H.M. Royal carries a wide range of Dexter-Russell blades to fit the needs of your application, including curved point and flat grinding options. We have a variety of sizes available ranging from 6.5” x ¾” to 9” by ⅝”. Blades are ordered and priced per box of 12. Extension blade handles are sold separately. 

Check out our selection of blades.


Films & Wrapping Tapes

H.M. Royal has cotton tape and cure-wrap tape suitable for a wide range of applications. 

– 2” Cotton Tape Herringbone Weave/Loop Edge

We carry 2” cotton tape for wrapping rubber rollers, hose and other elastomer constructions for autoclave cure. The wrap is designed to apply pressure to the part, knitting all the components together. The tape can be used several times and is sold at 144 yards per roll.

– Dartek Cure-Wrap Tape

H.M. Royal supplies Dartek T424 Cure-Wrap Tape for uniform shrinkage in the machine direction. The tape is easy to use and can be applied by hand, handheld dispenser or mechanically. Dartek cure-wrap tape shrinks tightly around the rubber roller to apply compression throughout the cure cycle. This shrinkage promotes the knitting of rubber to rubber and the bonding of rubber to the mandrel. Visit the product page for more info.



Handling hot rubber compounds in mill environments requires the use of comfortable, durable gloves. H.M. Royal has hot mill gloves that are designed specifically for use in the rubber industry. These gloves provide protection from hot rubber stocks in production rubber mills, calendars, lab mixers, and mills. They are made from 100% cotton flannel for comfort and are sold by the dozen.



For heavy-duty cutting applications, H.M. Royal offers a large selection of Dexter-Russell mill knives. Whether you’re cutting compounded rubber stocks or polymer slabs, we have a knife that is up to the task. A range of sizes are available as well as a variety of options including a curved square point, long point, round point, and curved notch. 


Mold Release

Orvus WA Paste can be used as a cost-effective mold release for rubber molding. It is an anionic detergent that contains sodium lauryl sulfate. There are two main methods of use:

  • Rubber mold releases for compression molding for improved part release after vulcanization
  • As a release agent on mandrels for rubber hose building

H.M. Royal supplies Orvus WA Paste in cases of four, 7.5-pound jars. 


Specimen Marking Pens

Pens play a key role in ensuring the accurate marking of rubber lab specimens. Fisher Space Silver Ink Stick Pen features a fine point, which allows for the detailed identification of both uncured and cured samples. Its ink is designed to resist high-temperature post-cure conditions, making the pen a suitable choice for harsh lab conditions. Pens are ordered and priced per box of 12.


Rheometer Film

Royfilm (Dartek C917) perforated rheometer test film is ideal for use with rubber lab instrumentation. It can be used with an RPA, MDR, ORD, and Mooney viscometers. The long roll may be used for automated equipment or sheets may be separated along the perforations to make single sheets for individual tests. 

Have questions about the eStore? Don’t see the product you’re looking for? Contact an H.M. Royal specialist at estore@hmroyal.com or browse our eCommerce FAQs.


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