About H.M. Royal

We deliver more than just a product – we deliver solutions and success

As a company with more than 90 years of experience in materials distribution, H.M. Royal delivers more than just product – we deliver solutions and success.

Our Company

H.M. Royal, Incorporated is a dynamic sales and marketing organization bringing innovative raw materials and ingredients to North American compounders. Industries served include rubber, plastics adhesives, sealant, and protective coatings manufacturers. Our products find end use in a variety of markets including transportation, communications, electronics, medical, construction, agricultural, mining, defense, civil infrastructure, capital goods, and industrial markets.

Our People

We are a group of dedicated individuals – probably not much different than you and your organization – passionate about making our customers successful by delivering innovative and cost-effective compounding materials and ingredients, unbiased material advice, creative ideas and solutions, and world-class order fulfillment capabilities.

Our Sales Organization

Our sales people – of which it can truly be said includes everyone in the company – are enthusiastic about building your trust, earning your business and becoming your most reliable supplier. Our outside sales reps live and work in the territories they serve putting them close to our customers and the markets and communities they serve.

Our Supply Partners

We partner with leading raw material producers from around the globe. Our principals, whether domestic or international, entrepreneurial enterprises or multi-national corporations, all share our passion for excellence in supplying innovative, high quality raw materials, and dependable service and delivery.

Our Products

Our products range from basic commodities to a variety of specialty materials that are only available through H.M. Royal, Incorporated. A quick snapshot of our products include reinforcing fillers, viscosity modifiers, processing additives, cross linking agents, flame retardants, antioxidants, adhesion promoters, density modifiers, specialty polymers, resins, and a wide range of functional fillers. We also market several non-raw materials products like rubber-to-metal adhesives, rubber roller cure wrap film, high performance films and semi-permanent release agents, to name a few.
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The H.M. Royal Advantage

Whether you are producing rubber compounds for high temperature downhole applications or plastic parts for appliances, each product that comes from H.M. Royal has one common characteristic: the personal touch of a family business.

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